Julia Cline

About the Artist

Julia Cline—or “Julie” as most of her friends call her—grew up roaming the woods of North Carolina.  Her father was an avid collector of native plants and her mother was a biology teacher with a Masters degree in botany, so from a very young age Julie learned to identify plants and appreciate North Carolina's natural flora and fauna.  Today she hikes the hills of California with with her husband, bird-watching and examining whatever natural treasures they may encounter—rock outcroppings, lichen, fungi, deer, coyotes, falcons, banana slugs, skunks.  Together they are slowly filling their own yard with the native plants of California.

Julie's love of nature is reflected in the subject matter of her art, as well as in the materials she uses. Frequently, she takes her pastels outside to paint en plein air.  When hiking or cycling, she often pauses to take photographs to use as subject matter in her studio.  She includes bits of plants from her yard to make papers she uses in her collages.  Her handmade papers reflect the textures of rocks and tree trunks around her


At various times in her life, Julie has counseled adolescents, tutored math and chemistry, attended seminary and taught social psychology and statistics to college students. Currently, when not working on her art, her favorite activities include hiking with her husband, bicycling with friends, creative writing and enjoying the silly cats that share her home.