About the Artist

Wendell Fiock grew up on an Indiana farm where his only early art tools were crayons and pencils. The only paint he saw in his small rural high school art class was poster paint, and his brush never touched a canvas until he was 30. He was fortunate to have a wonderful high school art teacher who saw his potential and fueled his art interest with all available but limited art resources. While art has always been an early passion, college, the Navy, a corporate career and raising a family caused a nearly 30-year period of art inactivity which resumed again in 1990.

He is self-taught and his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering undoubtedly influenced his predominantly “linear” approach to his art. With experience and confidence, he now creates some art that approaches a “painterly” style including some work in abstract.

Wendell is currently a member of East Valley Artists (EVA) and the Los Gatos Art Association (LGAA) and a past member of the Santa Clara Art Association (SCAA) and Pacific Art League (PAL). He currently resides in San Jose, CA.