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Attention EVA members and friends!

As you know, the Bay Area has been under a shelter-in-place order to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Since we've all been stuck at home and will continue to be for the next few weeks, we decided to host an interactive art challenge! We encourage you all – members and non-members alike – to join in on the fun. Tell your family and friends!

Here's how it works:

- Each Wednesday we will provide a random prompt for you to use as inspiration in your art-making. You can create as many pieces of art as you like! Set your own production goals for this challenge, whether it's one piece per week or 10. If the word we pick doesn't inspire you, choose your own! The point is to get our creative juices flowing and to share our art with one another.

- You are free to use any media you like: watercolor, ceramics, textiles, pastels, oil, wood, collage... the sky's the limit. We only ask that you keep your work free of violence, nudity, and any other potentially offensive subject matter / imagery.

- By the following Wednesday, share a photo of your work to our Facebook page or group OR you can email us your photos: eastvalleyartists@gmail.com. We will share all submissions on our Facebook page and via email to our members.

- For email submissions, be sure to name your image file with your name and the title of your work if it has one. [Example: SarahNguyen_GreenEyes.jpg ]. This helps us stay organized!

- At the end of the shelter-in-place, we'll ask everyone to share their favorite piece from the challenge to collect for a virtual art show. We also may be able to exhibit everything in a physical location as well! Stay tuned for details on that.

Here is the schedule for the upcoming prompt words:

April 1-7 Water

April 8-14 Orange

April 15-21  Gratitude

April 22-28  Self

April  29- May 5  Scent

                                                       Happy Creating!

                                                       Sarah and the EVA Board